Naming Ceremonies


A naming is similar to a christening or baptism, suitable for any age, and non- religious.  It can sometimes be recognition of transition to parenthood and acknowledges the presence of your off-spring and the impact on your lives. Some ways to celebrate this ceremony can be symbolised by lighting of candles, planting and dedicating a tree, a time capsule, wish papers, wish coins, water blessing, magic dust, sprinkling of rose petals or anointing with oils.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose suitable Guardian(s)/Godparent(s)/Mentors and involve them, siblings and grandparents in the ceremony.

As your celebrant I will provide you with:

  • Resources and any assistance and advice you may require relating to the ceremony

  • Information regarding venue options

  • Planning, guidance and advice for your naming

  • Additional meetings and phone calls and emails at no extra cost

  • A presentation of a copy of your ceremony

  • Use of a PA system which will allow your guests to participate fully in this special occasion

  • A Certificate of Naming is prepared for the child and Grandparents, Guardian(s)/Godparent(s)/Mentors who agree to undertake these responsibilities.

Please contact me to take up my offer of an obligation free discussion of your requirements.