Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation do you need to get married in Australia?

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form must be lodged with me a minimum time of one month prior to the ceremony date and is valid for up to 18 months. Generally I conduct a rehearsal on site the week of your wedding at which time you will sign a Declaration of Marriage, which indicates that you are free to be married.

On your wedding day you will required to sign three documents (Register, Certificate of Marriage and a form known as Form 14) before your chosen two witnesses, over the age of 18, and within hearing distance of the vows. Documentation is then sent to Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State/Territory where the ceremony took place.

Where can I access a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (Form 13)?

The form can be downloaded from

What documentation do I need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form?

Prior to the day of your marriage, both partners need to provide personal photographic identification, an original birth certificate OR a current overseas passport from the country in which you were born. If previously married evidence of termination (death or nullity certificate).

What are the legal requirements for a Civil Union?

This is legal commitment between two people of the same sex who wish to have their partnership performed by a registered Civil Celebrant. I am registered in the ACT to perform these ceremonies.

. Where can the ceremony take place?

Ceremonies can only take place anywhere and are lucky we have such beautiful gardens and parks from which to choose.
For Civil Unions and Civil Partnerships the ceremony must be in the ACT.

Enquiries regarding Spouse Visas

When you complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form I can provide you with a letter for a Department of Immigration but if there are any questions regarding visas they will need to be directed to the Department of Immigration or an Agent.