Vow Renewals

Any married couple may choose to reaffirm their love or be a reminder of promises once made. This ceremony may be appropriate for a special wedding anniversary (lst, 10th, 25th or other) or after a period of separation. This can include recalling special memories which have enabled your relationship to succeed.

This is not a legal ceremony but you may choose to do this publicly to celebrate your lasting commitment to journey through life together as partners in love and life with a successful union.

As your celebrant I will provide you with:

• Resources and any assistance and advice you may require relating to the ceremony
• Information regarding venue options
• Planning, guidance and advice for your naming
• Additional meetings and phone calls and emails at no extra cost
• A presentation of a copy of your ceremony
• Use of a PA system which will allow your guests clarity to participate fully in this special occasion
• Similar to a wedding, you are presented with a certificate, which may be signed and witnessed.

Please contact me to take up my offer of an obligation free meeting.