Naming Ceremonies

A baby naming is a non-denominational ceremony to welcome your child into the family and formally announce the name you have chosen. The giving of a name is an important rite in any society. It is recognition of transition to parenthood and acknowledges the presence of your off-spring and the impact on your lives. It is sharing with our nearest and dearest, and it is the occasion when we bestow the chosen names upon those children. It is a completion of the birthing process and the start of a new life. There is not legality involved with this ceremony.

Some ways to celebrate this ceremony can be symbolised by lighting of candles, planting and dedicating a tree, a time capsule, wish papers, wish coins, water blessing, magic dust, sprinkling of rose petals or anointing with oils.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose suitable Guardian(s)/Godparent(s)/Mentors and involve them, siblings and grandparents in the ceremony.

As your celebrant I will provide you with:

• Resources and any assistance and advice you may require relating to the ceremony
• Information regarding venue options
• Planning, guidance and advice for your naming
• Additional meetings and phone calls and emails at no extra cost
• A presentation of a copy of your ceremony
• Use of a PA system which will allow your guests clarity to participate fully in this special occasion
• A Certificate of Naming is prepared for the child and Grandparents, Guardian(s)/Godparent(s)/Mentors who agree to undertake these responsibilities.

Please contact me to take up my offer of an obligation free meeting.